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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in your Martial Arts School?

Strength, endurance and conditioning exercises, health & fitness, and self-defense

You will learn Shaolin Kung Fu skills:

Beginner: Shaolin Kung Fu stances, punches, kicks, forms

Intermediate to Advanced: combinations, weapons, acrobatics such as flips, jumps, falls, sweeps and throws

Martial arts ethics and virtues; focus, discipline, and character development


What can I expect from a typical class?

A typical class will have 45-60 minutes of exercise. The exact format of the warm-up will vary from day to day, emphasizing such factors as strength, endurance, internal development or flexibility. After warm-up exercises, we will work on a variety of topics such as technique drills, forms, weapons or body conditioning depending on the level of the class.


Who teaches the classes?

Master Zhao teaches all classes including kids & adult kung fu classes at our Shaolin Warrior Martial Arts.


What is a good age to start Kung Fu?

As soon as a child can listen, he/she is ready to learn Kung Fu. We have children as young as 3 years old as well as teenagers. We also have specific programs for adults. So no matter where you or your child is on the age spectrum – we’ve got you covered.

How big is each class?

It varies depending on the day/time of the class. Right now typical class size can range from 2-8 people. We suggest that you stop by for a trial lesson at the time you intend to join and check it out. Sign up for a free trial lesson here.


How does your belt system work?

We have a curriculum with established benchmark for each belt level.  Students will be taught the skills listed in that curriculum. Students will receive a belt test form to prepare for their tests once the Master feels that they are ready. Students can also request for a belt test if they feel that they are ready themselves and are determined to step up.


What is your fee schedule?

We have various plans to suit your training schedule. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality lessons so each student will get the most benefits out of your investment, time, and effort.  We suggest that you stop by for a free trial lesson and we can talk about the options. More information about membership options and payment information is available here.


Is Kung Fu fun for children?

Absolutely! In fact, kids usually have to drag their parents to martial arts class – something parents are always surprised to see. We have our serious moments here where kids work and learn but we have just as many moments where they have a blast.


As an older adult, is kung fu really for me?

Here at our school, the only requirement for training is a strong interest and desire to learn Kung Fu. You always work at your own pace. Our adults/teens program will give you the opportunity to train with people at your own level. The training curriculum has been designed so that you will progress and receive the benefits of martial arts at the most efficient pace possible. Whether your interests involve getting in shape, self defense or developing your mind to a high level, our school will be able meet your needs.


How much will I get out of training with you?

The answer is – You get out of it what you put into it. Improving your physical abilities such as agility, speed, balance, coordination, fluidity, stability, and mobility takes work. Improving your mental abilities such as concentration, harmony, patience, self control, and self discipline takes work. We welcome you to come in and experience it for yourself. With regular and serious practice, your body can be trained into a much better condition, although we cannot expect everyone to become Bruce Lee.


What should I wear to the first trial class?

For trial class, you may wear loose-fitting pants (such as sweatpants or track pants) and a T-shirt.


Is there a uniform?

Yes, school uniform is required for class. Uniform includes an academy T-shirt, black kung-fu pants, and kung fu shoes.


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