Private Kung Fu Lessons

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Private Kung Fu Lessons

Martial Arts for Any Age

We encourage kids to join group lessons as much as possible as peer experience is also an invaluable part of learning. However, we also offer private martial arts classes for those who prefer to learn Kung Fu with one-on-one instruction. Private lessons provide a more personalized martial arts training experience as well as a more flexible schedule to meet your needs. Private classes will enable the instructor to assess your ability and create a personal development plan in order to reach your training goals more efficiently than group lessons. You will also receive immediate personalized feedback in detail, including your strengths and weaknesses. The instructor will pace the class according to your personal needs and abilities so that you will neither feel overwhelmed or under-challenged.


Private lessons are available by appointment only and can be purchased individually or in pack of 10 lessons for a discounted rate. Please contact us for instructor availability and pricing.

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