Kung Fu Master Zhao


Kung Fu Master Zhao

Kung Fu Master Zhao

Shaolin Kung Fu Master Zhao Hai Chuan


Kung Fu Master Zhao Hai Chuan is a 32nd generation Warrior Monk of Song Shan Shaolin Temple in China. He started professional Kung Fu training at age of 10 at Shaolin Temple. Because of his aptitude and outstanding performance in Kung Fu, he was chosen to perform abroad as part of the Shaolin Warriors team. Starting in 2005, he participated in numerous Shaolin Kung Fu performances in more than 80 countries for cultural exchange and promotion of Shaolin Kung Fu. He also assumed leadership roles in many big shows in prestigious venues like Royal Opera House in London, Sydney Opera House in Australia, and Broadway Theater in New York. In 2011-2013, he was selected as one of the 18 Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors to perform Shaolin Kung Fu in RingLing Bros Circus (one of the world’s three largest circus) in almost every state of United States. In 2013, he settled down in the United States and became a full-time Kung Fu instructor at a Shaolin Kung Fu Institute in San Jose, California.

Master Zhao has earned a number of championship titles in State and National Kung Fu Competitions, including First Place in Shaolin Fists, First Place in Shaolin Staff, First Place Shaolin Broadsword and Team Shaolin Fists. He has also performed in various  theater shows and motion pictures including “New Shaolin Temple”, “Shaolin Kid”, “Huan Zhu Ge Ge”, and “Legend of Shaolin Kung Fu”. He has more than 20 years of experience in Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, modern martial arts, Tai Chi and Qigong.

Master Zhao is passionate about Kung Fu and also passionate about teaching Kung Fu. His teaching style is very positive as he constantly gives students encouragement and praise especially for younger children. On the other hand, he is also very, very serious about Kung Fu and sets high expectations for students. His teaching objective is to bring the best out of each student at their own level so that students can develop better confidence, self-discipline, self-motivation, and of course, better Kung Fu and a stronger body. Master Zhao has been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu to adults and students for more than 10 years.

赵海川,法号释行川少林寺三十二代俗家弟子。曾随少林功夫表演团出访世界八十多个国家和地区进行功夫出访和文化交流。带领功夫表演团首次进入英国皇家剧院,奥地利金色大厅和美国百老汇演出的文化团体。2005年台北国家大剧院 2006年参加34届世界香港艺术节。2006年参加法国诺曼底国际艺术节等专场功夫演出。世界三大马戏团之一玲玲马戏团全美国巡演两年。2013年,赵师父决定留在美国,开始在加州圣荷西的少林功夫学院担任全职武术教练。

个人荣誉曾获得中国郑州少林国际武术节少林拳第一名。全国武术之乡刀术和棍术第一名。全国锦标赛刀棍对练以及集体拳第一名。参与多部功夫电影拍摄新少林寺 、少林小子、还珠格格,以及多部功夫舞台剧,包括少林功夫传奇、少林十三棍和少林武魂。


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