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We offer Kung Fu classes for children and adults/teens. We also have a special training class catering to younger children (ages 3-5). Private martial arts lessons are available upon request. Come join us and you will discover Kung Fu to be a life-changing experience! Please visit each link below for more information about each Kung Fu class.


Kung Fu Class


Martial Arts Techniques Taught in Class

Shaolin Forms

Basic Motion, Five Motion, Tong Bei Fist, Xiao Hong Quan, Southern Fist, Tai Chi  

Shaolin Weapons

Shaolin Staff, Shaolin Broadsword, Shaolin Straight Sword, Spear, Pu Dao, Double Dagger, Kung Fu Fan, Double Hook, Tri-Sectional Staff, Nanchukas, Nine-Sectional Whip Chain

Chinese Kickboxing

Kung Fu Applications, San Shou, Grappling, Wrestling


Grappling Set, Two-men Weapon Sparring, Three-men Sparring

We recognize that everyone is different, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. We allow each student to progress at their own pace and at their comfort level.


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