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Membership & Payment Information

Individual Membership (child or adult)

We offer 3-month, 6-month and 12-month rates with no binding contracts.

Basic membership: 1 class per week

Full membership: 2 classes per week

Unlimited membership: up to 6 classes per week (one class per day; closed Monday).

With an unlimited plan, a student has as many as 6 classes per week that they may attend. We encourage you to attend as many classes as possible, but it is best to pick the classes that suit your schedule and then dedicate yourself to that schedule.

Family Membership

We offer free registration for additional family members.

Private Lessons

Private lessons vary in pricing based on the number of students and number of lessons purchased.  We offer private lessons in Kung Fu, Tai Chi, body conditioning, sparring, and self-defense.

Registration Fee & Uniform Fee

New membership accounts are subject to a one-time registration fee. Uniform or equipment is not included in registration or membership fees. Uniform includes an academy T-shirt, Kung Fu pants, and Kung Fu shoes. Equipment is required only after a student has mastered basic Kung Fu forms.

Payment Terms

All membership accounts are to be paid in advance of first Kung Fu class session. No partial payment will be accepted.


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