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What is Shaolin Kung Fu?

Shaolin Kung Fu is not a creation of one person, but an accumulation of works by millions of people. Shaolin martial art is the pearl of Chinese wisdom, which was passed down by many generations of China’s top martial artists.

Shaolin Kung Fu has a vast content and numerous forms. Important aspects include internal kung fu, external kung fu, hard kung fu, light kung fu, qi gong, etc. Internal kung fu mainly focuses on practicing body strength; the light kung fu focuses on jumps; qi gong includes practice and maintenance of qi. Shaolin Kung Fu includes hand-to-hand defense as well as use of weapons, such as staff, spear, broadsword, straight sword, combat, performance sparring, sparring with weapons, etc.

Shaolin Boxing

Shaolin boxing, the origin of martial arts, is hard, strong, fast and according to the Chinese is “filled with softness inside.” It also is plain and practical with every action. The shaolin style embodies a word — hard. It is practiced with both attack and defense, but mostly attack. The form is not only beautiful, but also practical. The stride is flexible. Shaolin teaches you actions forward, actions of retreat, reaction and to punch directly in front of you. The foot technique must be stable and flexible, the eye technique requires staring at the opponent’s eyes.

Shaolin Staff

Shaolin monks have practiced the hand and staff forms for thousands of years. Staff practice has strong rhythm and an involved technique. It is fast, bold and swift. It played an important role in fighting for generations.

Shaolin Broadsword

Shaolin broad sword has been one of the most important martial art weapons. Thus every action in broadsword needs to be brave and generous. The characteristics of using broadsword are winding head, twisting body, chopping, sweeping, poking, slashing, bracing, picking and so on.

Shaolin Straight Sword

Straight sword technique is ancient and prestigious, handed down from ancient times with characteristics: elegant, robust and strong.

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